The New Arrivals
To meet the fast changing demands from market, it's always our eternal pursue to develop new products with innovations. In the year of 2016, we'll get more designs be launched for promotion, and you can contact us now for at least 3 new projects!

Solar Powered Centrifugal Air Vent Fans
The fans be embedded into ceiling to enhance indoor air circulation, and can work well for anywhere like bathroom / kitchen / bedroom / living room / basement / garage, etc. The solar panels be generating power to drive motor running, so they don't consume grid electricity!

Solar Ceiling Fans (include LED Light)
The fan being 60 inch big and include a 12W LED panel, all to be powered by a 30W solar panel. Why 30W PV module is enough for such a big device? The answer is from our high efficiency motor, to make solar ceiling fans really be solar ceiling fans! A remote control will be also included, and you can have the fan rotate at different speeds or have motor rotate in positive / reverse direction!

Plastic Type Solar Wall Exhaust Fans
These fans are also wall mounted, to take out indoor heats. They're different to our other wall fan series in that their quality is plastic. And they're different to the conventional wall exhaust fans from market is that our products be powered by solar panels, so you don't need to pay for electricity bills, nor to care about the complex cabling works.

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