Solar Large Scale Wall Fan

High power low volt DC motor has always been a technical challenge. However, after 3 years¡¯ R&D, SIPL finally conquered the difficulties and successfully developed the large scale Negative Pressure Industrial Wall Fan in 2016. This is a breakthrough to the traditional high volt industrial fan, coming out to 1/2 energy consumption cut and more human-safe DC36V application.

And SIPL has considered many details in virous aspects to make it a unique better fan.

 Heavy duty galvanized steel fan case and stainless-steel fan blades that prevents corrosion and support fan¡¯s long lifespan even in extreme environment;
 Strong motor with no belt needed avoid the trouble of frequent replacing of belt;
 IP68 waterproof brushless motor that can work excellently even in extremely wet environment like greenhouse, swimming pool, poultry ¡­;
 DC36 safe system with prepared wires and connectors makes the installation and maintenance safe and easy;
 1/2 energy consumption with free solar energy power save at least 3/4 of electricity pay in your business; you will also get the product cost refund within 3 years;
 Adapter/Battery power backup that assists the fan continue working powerfully at cloudy day and at night;
 Smart controller switches backup power in when it senses solar panel¡¯s weak output to assure that no solar energy is missed, and no extra power wasted
With easy installation and ability to work in places out of AC grid, the industrial fan has been widely applied by our customers in greenhouses, supermarkets, stables, industrial plants and etc. Now put a solar panel on roof and Save your money from Sun!

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SN2016011 (1.2m with adapter)

SN2016037 (1.2m with battery)
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