Solar Attic Roof Fan

 Wind guide cone & wind guide blades structure that prevents outside airstream interferers and leads air go out smoothly following a 360-degree swirl ventilation mode;
 Horizontal & vertical adjustable solar panel that captures the strongest sunlight flexibly;
 IP68 waterproof brushless motor that can work excellently even in extremely wet environment like greenhouse, water tank and etc.;
 Adapter/Battery power backup that assists the fan continue working at cloudy day and at night;
 Strong Metal housing painted with anti-rust and anti-UV power coating that keeps the fan stay still against strong wind and prevents aging with 25 yearsĄŻ durationĄ­
Integrated with solar panel, the fanĄŻs installation does not need any other extra wiring. Therefore, it can be widely used on house attic, greenhouse, poultry farm, high industrial plant, movable container house and etc. You just need to fix the fan on roof and then Let Your Space Breathe!

If you have any other creative idea, please feel free to  CONTACT US .  Our engineer team will be glad to offer technical support and customized service for you!

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SN2013010 15W 14ĄŻĄŻ

SN2013005 15W 14ĄŻĄŻ

SN2013008 20W 14ĄŻĄŻ

SN2013003 20W 14ĄŻĄŻ

SN2014008 30W 14ĄŻĄŻ

SN2014006 30W 14ĄŻĄŻ
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