Solar Ceiling Fan

SIPLs solar ceiling fan is a green replacement of traditional ceiling fan. It is powered by free clean solar energy from nature. Abandoning normal solar power system, SIPL develops its own DC simple safe low volt system without any complicated wiring nor inverter. After fixing a small panel on roof with very simple prepared wires, you will enjoy the fresh and gentle solar wind for free!

And SIPL has considered many details on our own fan design for your satisfied user experience.

 Combination of light and fan provides both cooling and lighting with 1 time installation only;
 Prepared DC24V wiring and plugs make sure the installation steps are easy and safe;
 High quality brushless DC motor assures you 5 years of free cooling with 0 maintenance; only ¼ energy consumption than normal fan
 Adapter/Battery power backup that assists the fan continue working powerfully at cloudy day and at night;
 Angle adjusted ABS strong fan blades the blades angle is inspired by the plane propellers for wide range winding with lowest energy cost; with ABS material the blades will not age nor rust for more than 10 years; precisely moulded, the blades run in balance with completely same shape;
 Optional Fan forward/reversal running provides ventilation or cooling service;
 Speed, time and on/off remote control makes the operation convenient

With simple lines and modern style, the ceiling fan can be widely applied in house, office, supermarket, library, prefab house and etc. Now put a solar panel on your roof and Enjoy Easy Solar Wind!

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SN2015031 (60 inch with adapter)

SN2015033 (60 inch with battery)

SN2017025 (42 inch with adapter)

SN2017042 (42 inch with battery)
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