Solar Large Scale Wall Fan
SN2016037 (1.2m with battery)

1.2x1.2 large size with powerful winding ability
1 piece of 350W solar panel powers fan while the other 2 pieces of 230W solar panels charge battery at day;
Keep running powerfully even with batterys backup by controllers auto switch even when it’s cloudy;
Continue working at night powered by 3x120Ah OPZV battery;
Totally O pay for electricity
Product Detail


350W 36V solar DC power+ battery back up power

Solar Panel

Polycrystalline solar panel, 1956x992x50mm 


Dia 1110mm fan blades, 6 pcs


Brushless DC Motor, IP68

Host Size



Galvanized steel




Wall mounting

Working Efficiency

Up to 29,500CMH


The smart controller keeps monitoring the output of solar panel and switches in the back-up power to assist automatically, which makes sure the fan working powerfully but not any solar energy wasted.

Back-up Battery

3*120Ah OPZV battery

Power Mode

Fan powered by 350W solar panel at day while battery charged by 2 pcs 230W solar panel; Keep fast even when cloudy with assistant power from battery; Continue working at night powered by battery;


1 set/2 wooden cases/1.49cbm (28 sets/20’GP; 60 sets/40’GP)


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