Solar Attic Roof Fan

A solar lung of your house


Once sun rises, the fan will start pumping out interior stale, heat air to improve indoor air circulation, reduce moisture & harmful mildews.

Especially in summer, its airflow cools down the roof before it gets extremely hot under sunburn so that to reduce load on air-conditioner.

In winter, the rising up warm air will help prevent ice-dam…

Therefore, the vent will drive the house breathe and keep the living environment healthy and comfortable.

industrial plant
industrial plant
high building-air well
high building-air well


Say Goodbye to headache installation and maintenance



Integrated with solar panel, the fan's installation does not need any other extra wiring.

Therefore, it can be flexibly used on house attic, greenhouse, poultry farm, high industrial plant, movable container house and etc.

Besides, as the whole fan system is human-safe DC18V, you may try and enjoy achievement of DIY installation.


Some products' maintenance may cost even more than the product itself, but not SIPL's solar roof vent.

We have thought for your cost for now to future.


Considering the roof fan is a combination with building, SIPL designs the whole fan lifespan

more than 10 years and promise a warranty of 5 years.


That is to say, once you install the fan, you will enjoy its reassuring service and

no need to worry about any unexpected cost for repair.



A really strong vent


Many people's first image to DC product is that it is weaker than AC ones. SIPL's DC solar fan will overturn this opinion.


With well-designed fan blades angles and high-speed running motor,

the air flow can go through long air shaft because of the high air pressure.


Therefore, the air circulates from roof to ground, no matter the vent is installed on

high building, industrial plant, or giant greenhouse…



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