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60x30cm rectangular-with 2 circuits battery

60W polycrystalline solar module (495x782x62mm):
30w to power LED panel at day time,
30w to charge 19.2V 6.4Ah battery at daytime
1 x rectangular shape LED panel (300x600x15mm),
include a radar induction switch to control on/off the LED light
【work time: day & night nonstop & totally solar powered,
battery can continue 8 hours nonstop working of LED light during night time】

whole set warranty: 5 years

    • Power Mode
      solar panel+2 circuit battery
    • Radar Sensor
      include a radar sensing controller to on /off the LED light: lights on when human is in an activity, lights off when people have left the house or are sleeping static
    • Work Time
      day & night nonstop & totally solar battery powered
    • Battery Charge Time
      4.6 hours
    • Battery Duration
      8 hours at night