Solar Dome Tent Fan

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A Popular Solar Vent Fan for Dome Tent


It is a self-contained solar exhaust fan, equipped with good brushless DC motor for high efficiency and quiet operation, 

patented air draft design for good air flowing, strong case with rust-proof coating for durability.  

Directly powered by solar panel, this solar vent fan will run automatically once the sun shines, providing daytime ventilation

for a dome tent at no energy cost. Not only being designed for long lasting and free maintenance,

but also adding green features and good looking to modern dome tent.

Solar Dome Tent Fan Run
Nonstop After Sunset




Not limited to run during daytime, this solar dome tent fan can be also equipped with AC/DC power adapter to keep dome well ventilated by using electricity in sunless time.  With this plug and play backup power option, it is more convenient for dome house where there is mains electricity.

A Good Accessory for Geodesic Domes


As fresh air is always needed, it is necessary to equip geodesic domes with opening vent or active vent fans, 

ensuring optimal air circulation and sound ventilation. SIPL solar roof vent fan is a good accessory and sensible choice,

which is well worth your investment for a better dome tent experience —— 

** effectively pump out stale air and heat build-up inside your dome, keep dome cool with fresh air,

create a comfortable space for relaxation and enjoyment

** prevent moisture condensation and harmful mildews, maintain a healthy and pleasant environment in your dome

Smart Solar Ventilation 
By Remote Control




With a multi-functional smart remote controller/ App control, it is effortless to adjust any settings for solar dome tent fan operation on temp, humidity, speed and time, to provide intelligent ventilation for all seasons inside your dome!



 < Temperature Control >
 < Humidity Control >
 < Re-On Time Setting >
 < Speed Adjustment >
 < Smart AUTO Mode >

Keep The Dome Tent Air

As Fresh As In Nature




Taking natural sunlight as power supply, SIPL solar dome tent fan will work for daily ventilation as long as there is sun shinning on top of solar panel.  Wiring-free, auto-ventilation and no electricity consumption!  Now just enjoy the sun and let your dome air as fresh as in Nature!

A Perfect Match for Modern Dome Tent


SIPL Solar Roof Fan is practical, eco-friendly and a great match for dome tents.

Now it is time to upgrade your dome with this solar ventilator for a more enjoyable experience!


Solar Dome Tent Fan Specs





Solar Panel      25W 21.6V Monocrystalline solar panel
Air Duct Size      diameter 368mm
Fan Blades      14'' Nylon-fiberglass fan blades, 7 pcs
Fan Housing      Galvanization steel
Fan Motor      Brushless DC Motor (IP68)
Fan Base      diameter 495mm
Fan Guard      Metal circular fan guard
Host Size      530x530x225mm
Color      White / Black


AC/DC Adapter    

 20.5V * 1.5A

 to keep fan running in sunless time by electricity 


Remote Control    

 Temp-humidity remote control

 and App control

Work Time       Sunny daytime /  Day & night time


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