For day use

work time: sunny day hours, when sunlight is available

Day&Night with 1 circuit battery

work time: day & night nonstop & totally solar battery powered


work time: day & night nonstop, sunny hours by solar panel,

sunless periods by AC/DC adapter

Day&Night with adapter

Day&Night (battery) with multi lights

work time: day & night nonstop totally by solar battery powered

one installation, multi lights on

New Alternative Solar LED Skylight Thinks More For You



Inspired by traditional window skylight and solar tube, SIPL solar LED skylight is made as a green new alternative skylight.

It takes the free sunlight by solar panel and brings it indoors by LED light fixture, so requires no structural changes on roof and can even brighten up the darkest corner of your house where natural daylighting is poor.


The obvious feature of SIPL solar LED skylight is to work under Nature's free solar energy and no need power consumption from grid electricity, meanwhile much easier to install than tubular skylight.  Specially, all-weather day & night lighting

can be realized by optional power backup. In addition, smart radar sensing & wireless remote controlling functions

are added to make your solar LED skylight even more considerate!



We aim to bring you an unprecedented smart lighting experience given by more upgraded solar LED skylight systems...


Now just let the Generous Sunshine brighten your daily life!

Solar LED Skylight

Wireless Remote Controller

Watch video about SIPL Solar LED Skylight >>

A Wise Investment for Your Green Home


Easy quick installation, Worry-free, to Brighten up your house in a Brand New Way

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