An ultra quiet multifunctional solar ceiling fan with light

It is a solar dc ceiling fan with light for both cooling & lighting purpose; Driven by top grade brushless motor, ensuring high efficiency and quiet operation; With remote control, it conveniently provides cool wind by Nature's free solar energy.


Hybrid power supply system for day & night running

It is a day & night running dc ceiling fan, designed with hybrid power supply modes.  Powered by solar panel and storage battery / grid power, it realizes energy savings of up to 90%, coming as an energy efficient green cool fan, even no dependence on grid electricity.


Smart-controlled automatic interaction to backup power

Equipped with smart controller, SIPL solar ceiling fan with adapter / battery system always give priority to utilise energy from solar panel in sunny daytime, while makes automatic interaction to grid electricity / solar battery when sunlight is weak or at night.




Solar Ceiliing Fan

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